How to Handle PLR like a Pro


It’s all very well purchasing PLR to help with your Coaching business – but if you don’t know how to make the most of it while stamping it with your unique coaching personality, it will end up not making you the most money while keeping your Google ranking down (along with those others purchasing the same PLR who don’t know how to make it unique and bring out its best potential).

This section will show you how to make it your own – every time.

Choosing Quality PLR

It may be that your first package of PLR was genuinely sketchy… or it may have been a set of diamonds; only you didn’t really know what you were looking at.  But it goes without saying that in order to make sure you feed your clientele great content, you will need to start by purchasing high quality PLR.

Here’s how to tell the difference between good and bad:

Poor Quality PLR High Value PLR
  • Poor grammar
  • Blatant spelling mistakes
  • Lots of adjectives and adverbs
  • Vague
  • Derivative
  • Confusing
  • No detail at all.  “Fluff”.
  • No spelling mistakes
  • Well organized
  • Easy to split apart into sub-topics (longer PLR)
  • Easy to put together into an eBook (short PLR)
  • Easy to break down or expand each piece’s topic
  • Enough detail to be valuable

A really good piece of PLR writing should make you:

  • Eager to add your own examples (the ones that readily springs to mind)
  • Inspired to give its content your own unique twist, in your own linguistic style
  • Get further ideas, very naturally, on what to do with it and how to use it
  • Feel that customizing it is easy

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What Not to Do…

Don’t ever buy cheap PLR – if your content feels second-rate, your services will too.  Give your clients the best.  Buy your PLR from reputable sources.  Check the website – does it have a clear refund policy?  Terms and conditions?  A professional, clean layout that inspires you with confidence?

Also ask fellow business peers in your field who they would recommend (preferably not your direct competitors:  For example, if you are a lifestyle coach, don’t ask another lifestyle coach – ask a social media coach.)

Don’t buy offshore PLR from other countries.  True, you might hit on a gem of a writer who is completely bi-lingual, but the average experience of those who have tried this route often results in:

  • Poor spelling and grammar
  • Confusion between tenses
  • Highly derivative writing
  • Old, generic information
  • Outright inaccuracies, due to the writer not understanding Western conventions

Think about it:  These writers are under pressure to churn out content at lightning speed to make a minimal amount of money – the equivalent of piecework.  Do you really want to (a) support an exploitive system (b) present your clients with material that has not been well-researched – or (in many cases) not researched at all?

Get your PLR from the best.  And get it from a copywriter who specializes in your subject (or uses writers who specialize in specific topics.)  If you are a Fitness Coach, for example, you’ll want your PLR written by someone who has had a history of working out and is familiar with multiple fitness programs – at the very least.  (You’ll know if they have, the moment you start reading your material:  Be prepared to find yourself delighted with the depth of knowledge shared in the content.)

Before you re-write a word (or even make your purchase) check the Licensing rights that will come with it, to make sure of how you can (and cannot) use it.

Observe those Licensing Rights religiously.

Ten Ways to Use Your PLR…

Now we’ve got purchasing PLR sorted out, let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the ways you can use it in your coaching business to save yourself time, create a steady stream of content and delight your clients

  • Creating Courses – PLR is ideally suited for course creation.  You can purchase a PLR eBook and break it down into a series of lessons, topic by topic.  (Remember; you are purchasing well-organized, top-quality PLR.) You can purchase a series of ten or twenty blog posts on a topic and simply re-word them into a Lesson format.  You can use either eBook PLR or blog post or article PLR to create scripts for short video lessons.

You really are limited only by your imagination.

  • Create an Email Series – You need to keep in regular contact with coaching clients, but what’s going to happen if you sit down and write off the top of your head?  Most people find if they do this, their emails are (a) all over the place, topic wise (b) sporadic.  Even the slightest hints of this sort of individuality can result in a less-than-professional feel to your emails.

Better to schedule them regularly, and use PLR to write your email series.  (Better yet, write a batch of them.)  Pre-schedule them.

Two tips for doing this easily and successfully:

  • Keep your content “evergreen” (not tied to current events or seasons; timely at any stage in your client’s journey).
  • Start buy purchasing PLR that breaks things down into single-point, simple “chunks”:  E.G.  “Ten Tips for Maintaining Your Ideal Weight”.  Use one tip per email:  Give the tip (in your own words) – then add a personal comment on it, and finish with a question or challenge.

That’s it!

Each “series” should consist of seven-to-ten emails; perhaps with a short break in between.  (This jolts your reader into wondering where you’ve gone and being glad to see the beginning of the next series – if you’ve done your job right.)  Next time (using our Fitness-model example), you might avoid the “Tips” format and send them “Seven Recipes for Energizing Breakfasts” – one recipe per email, of course.

  • Newsletter Content – Even if you write your own, original articles for your newsletter, PLR can help pad it out and make it feel richer, fuller; more complete.  You can add interesting facts, anecdotes, recipes, quizzes – all from PLR.

(This is where you’ll really notice that PLR saves time.  With PLR material such as a quiz or “Fascinating Facts About…”, the research has already been done for you.)

  • Video Scripts – Another great use for PLR in your coaching business. You can quickly create a script (it doesn’t even have to be “pretty” – just a point-form skeleton for you to use in video lessons or webinars).  The work is done for you.  Your topic is organized.  And you can use the basic script as a skeleton and flesh it out with your own delivery and personality, if you prefer.
  • Re-purposing – We’ve already gone into a fair amount of detail on this subject, so consider this a reminder
  • Interview material – You are going to interview potential clients to make sure you are both a good fit.  Good PLR can alert you to questions you need to ask and information you might want to provide
  • Forum Resources – You can make your re-worked PLR content into permanent, sticky Lessons or How-to Articles (or videos) to add value to your paid Forum or Membership site.

And these “exclusive” Resources can also provide a powerful incentive for “Free” members to step up to one of your Paid Membership site or Forum tiers.

  • Teleseminars – Skilled PLR users can build an entire Teleseminar around a single PLR article (or eBook; or batch of blog posts; or mini-course, etc.)… for those of their clientele who are Auditory learners
  • Webinars – For those who are visual learners, you can re-purpose PLR  that would be derivative if turned into another type of written content into a highly original Webinar.  (Create a script from it; and get your topic.)
  • How-to Videos – Demonstrate what isn’t easily taught via the written word… using PLR as a skeleton framework for making sure you haven’t missed any steps; or adding value to what you already know (or wouldn’t-have-thought-to-include).

Organizing Your PLR

The more efficiently you use your PLR, the more mileage you’ll get out of it and the fresher your content will always feel.

One way to do this:  Store all PLR originals in a folder entitled:  “Coaching PLR”.  When you want to use a piece, don’t worry about whether or not you’ve already used it; or do mental acrobatics creating “systems”.  Just copy the piece you want to work with into a different folder called “Coaching PLR in Use” and play with it to your heart’s content.

Why do I say “don’t worry about whether or not you’ve already used it”?  For one thing, you’ll most likely be able to figure that out if there’s a copy of it in your “Coaching PLR in Use” folder… plus, if you take out your favorite PLR piece and start working with it as if you’ve never seen it before, you’ll automatically produce fresh, updated content with a new twist.

Use any system you want, of course – the preceding method is just one suggestion.

I know coaches who have complex directories and meticulous, category-sorted sub-directories full of folders based on PLR for their businesses…. And those who lump it into all one folder, simply adding the word “DONE” to the folder title, once they’ve used it.

I also know people capable of re-using the same piece of PLR again and again and again, ad infitum.

And making each re-worked piece seem fresh and new – every time!

The important factor here is to actually have – and use – a system for organizing and keeping track of your PLR, so you can get the most mileage out of it while spending the least amount of dollars.

MS Excel is an excellent organizational program; or you can use MS Word create your own Worksheet (with your own custom Categories) simply by using a Table, as we have here, in this Special Report.

Or use your own, personal favorite Database program or online service.

And if you use MS Word Table-based Worksheets, you can either adapt and fill them out right within MS Word, saving them on your computer… or printing them out and filling them in manually.  (Be sure to expand cells to provide enough space for your manual input.  This means your one-page Worksheet will probably extend over two or more pages, by the time you’re ready to print.)

Now you’ve got the jump on your Coaching peers when it comes to PLR, get into the habit of using PLR regularly for your Coaching Program; not just to provide Launch components but also to grow your business, reputation – and income.

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