How to Use PLR to Launch a Coaching Program



If coaching is your business, you know that you have to keep your clients supplied with fresh content. It can’t just be any old content, but rather meaningful, relevant, informative content.  The trouble is that good content takes a lot of time to create.  And you don’t want someone else writing your content because you want your own personal stamp on it.


Your voice.


Your personality.


The unique focus that your coaching provides.


So should you use PLR content at all then? Since Private Label Rights material is typically written in a fairly generic manner, doesn’t that defeat your goals?


The simple answer is that PLR content can provide you with a shortcut. With it, you can quickly create informative training, while still keeping your focus on taking care of your clients.


What it can do is:

  • Provide a professionally-organized framework for your first Coaching Program launch
  • Make sure you are including the right components into your training
  • Keep you on track
  • Shortcut your research
  • Stimulate your own original ideas
  • Save you time – and make you money!

The trick is in giving it the PLR content your voice.


Yes many people just buy PLR and dump it into their autoresponders or blogs, without even reading it.  However, you’ll get more credibility and your clientele will get a taste of your unique traits, voice, persona and promise if you personalize it first.


So let’s get started.


What You Need


Many people think of PLR as simply blog posts, articles, or report skeletons.  You can actually purchase much more than that.


You can buy PLR versions of:


  • Scripts for Webinars
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Checklists
  • Graphics
  • Email series
  • Videos
  • Sales pages
  • Squeeze pages
  • Tips
  • Press Releases
  • Newsletter PLR
  • Home Study Courses
  • Mini courses
  • Audio loops
  • Audio tracks
  • Screenshots
  • CD/DVD graphics
  • Banners and buttons (sales graphics)
  • eCover graphics


If you are about to launch a Coaching program, you can see how much of a time saver many of these types of PLR could be.


In addition, you can use PLR to enrich your knowledge base. It can give you new directions to explore or research, bolster you in areas where you are “weak” and add “flavor” to your teaching.


Now let’s get into depth more fully on this topic, as well as how to get the best out of your PLR.


The biggest reason to use it, however…


  • PLR can help you provide your Coaching clients with a steady, regular, rich supply of study and implementation content (material)


You’ll never run out of things to say and you’ll always have “next week’s lesson” or your regular monthly Video Session or your knowledge-rich monthly newsletter ready and waiting.

Watch for are next post on

Launching your Coaching Program


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